Appetite for Happiness

We at Bamboozle are on a mission, to spread good health and happiness throughout our community. Our Mantra is: Eat well, live well. Our belief is that if you eat well, meaning nutritious and delicious nourishment, you will be fueled with the right energy needed to make sound decisions throughout your day. These decisions in turn will build a strong foundation to a healthier happier life. Our appetite for happiness is what drives us to do what we do.

A little bit about the owner…

The biggest loves of Lynn’s life (besides her two dogs) have always been health, food, fitness, and travel. Seven years ago, she opened the Bamboozle Café downtown with the goal of making fresh, healthy food more accessible.

The name “Bamboozle” was conceived through the idea that we want to “Bamboozle” you into healthy eating. The flavors are so vibrant and delicious that you won’t feel like it’s a sacrifice to swap out that cheeseburger for a bowl of Beef Pho Soup and a Tropical Fresh Roll.

A lot of people have the perception that eating healthy is unappetizing and will cost a fortune. According to this Harvard Research study, it costs an average of $1.50 more per day than eating junk food. But in the long run, the monetary and physical costs of a poor diet can be devastating.

Lynn didn’t grow up with a lot of money, but she says that her mom cooked like a 5-star chef, so the family ate like kings. At Bamboozle, she offers the highest quality ingredients at the best possible value so that customers can enjoy the same Vietnamese style food that she grew up on without breaking their budget.

Research also shows that a strong sense of community is highly correlated with physical and mental health. Lynn spends more time at the Café and Tea Lounge than she does at her own home, so she treats her customers as if they’re being invited into her own living room.

It’s a place where professionals can catch a quick bite on their lunch break, locals can start their weekend with an open mic night, friends can lounge and play board games, couples can meet for date night, families with young kids can listen to story time, exercisers can enjoy something healthy after yoga or boot camp, and everyone can feel welcome.

While Lynn is already promoting healthy habits with her two restaurants, we hope to reach out to an even wider audience with this blog. We’ll cover a wide range of topics in future posts, but we’re open to suggestions as well! We hope it will inspire you to live a positive lifestyle and create balance in your life.