Bamboozle Cafe Dinner Menu


Shrimp Chips (8)

Crab Rangoon (4)
Chili Chicken Fried Springrolls (2 lg)

Mini Veggie Fried Springrolls (4)

Shirataki Mushroom Stuffed Tofu (6)
5-Spiced Pork Banh Mi Sliders (3)
Sampler (2 rangoons, 1 crab cake, 2 veg springrolls, 2 shrimp chips)

Bamboozle Fresh Rolls

TraditionalTiger shrimp & grilled pork, cucumbers, mint, chives & peanut sauce

Leomongrass TofuPickled daikon & carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, shallots vinaigrette
BBQ PorkPickled daikon & carrots, cucumbers, cilantro & zest dressing
Haas AvocadoCarrots, mango, cucumber, cilantro & citrus ginger vinaigrette
Sesame VeggieSesame glass noodles, cucumbers, jicama, bell peppers, mango, Thai basil & hoisin

Kick’n Chik’nChili chicken, red bell peppers, cucumbers, mango, cilantro & soy sauce vinaigrette

TropicalSeared Ahi tuna, jicama, red bell peppers, pineapple, mint & citrus vinaigrette
Papaya Fresh w/ Tiger ShrimpGreen papaya, red bell, cilantro, shallot, peanut & zesty dressing
Crispy Duckjicama, mango, roasted shallots, cilantro & sesame tamarind dressing

Create Your Own Fresh RollAsk server for Fresh Roll Order Form

Small Salads

Bamboozle SaladJicama, cucumbers, mandarin oranges & citrus ginger vinaigrette

Green Papaya SaladGreen Papaya with red bell, cilantro, roasted onions and peanuts

Small Soups

Pho SoupSample version of our traditional Pho soup w/ Thai basil & lime: Vegan w/Tofu, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, or Seafood

Pho Soup Boats

Rice noodles, bean sprouts, red onions, culantro, lime, jalapenos, basil, hoisin & sriracha sauce.

Pho BoThinly sliced rare eye round with sliced brisket (choice to add Oxtail)

Pho GaTender chicken strips with chicken pho broth

Pho ChayTofu, carrots, red bell peppers in a vegan pho broth

Pho TomTiger Shrimp Pho topped with roasted shallots

Pho Hai SanSeafood Pho with tiger shrimp, mussels, crab stick and calamari topped with roasted shallots

Dinner Salads

Noodle Salad Grilled Pork or Lemongrass ChickenVermicelli rice noodles, green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, pickled daikon & carrots, mint, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, roasted shallots served w/ zesty chili dressing (Substitute with Lemongrass Beef or Shrimp)
Ultimate Papaya Salad with Crispy DuckShredded green papaya, red bell peppers, cilantro, roasted shallots & roasted peanuts served with crispy shrimp chips.
Ultimate Papaya Salad with Tiger ShrimpShredded green papaya, red bell peppers, cilantro, roasted shallots & roasted peanuts served with crispy shrimp chips.

Specialty Entrees

Banh Xeo - Crispy Traditional Crepes (Chicken, Pork or Tofu)Filled with bean sprouts, onions on lettuce wrap, mint, pickled daikon & carrots and zesty chili dressing (Substitute with Shrimp)
Traditional Lemongrass ChickenTraditional Lemongrass Chicken sautéed stewed chicken in a rich brown sauce with lemongrass, garlic and onions served with jasmine rice
Chili Garlic ChickenChili Garlic Chicken sautéed with sweet onions and garlic served with Jasmine Rice
Pho Short RibsSlow baked Beef Short Ribs infused with Pho seasonings served with Jasmine Rice and Sautéed Veggies
Braised OxtailBraised Oxtail marinated with house spices, kaffir leaf, garlic baked until tender
Shaking BeefGrilled tender cut of marinated filet over watercress w/ red onion and pineapple served with jasmine rice
Sesame Glass Noodles (Chicken, Pork or Tofu)Clear noodles sautéed with carrots & onions tossed in a sesame garlic soy dressing
(Substitute with Lemongrass Beef or Shrimp)
Lemongrass TofuLemongrass Tofu sautéed with lemongrass, garlic, fresh snow peas and onions served with Jasmine Rice
Chili Garlic Tiger ShrimpChili Garlic Tiger Shrimp sautéed with fresh snow peas, carrots and onions with a kick served with Jasmine Rice
Yellow Curry (Chicken or Tofu) *Mild SpicyPotatoes & carrots in a lemongrass coconut curry broth served with jasmine rice (Substitute with Brown rice)
Red Curry (Chicken or Tofu) *Med SpicySnow peas, red bell & carrots in a coconut red curry broth served with jasmine rice in a fresh coconut bowl (Substitute with Shrimp)
Bamboozle Brown Fried Ricewith garlic, onion, red bell and bean sprouts topped with cilantro


Banana Coconut Tapioca PuddingTopped with roasted peanuts (GF)(V)

Mini BeignetsSquare French-Style donuts made to order sprinkled with powdered sugar

Ice CreamGreen Tea, Mango, Coconut or Pineapple; Toppings: Honey, Crushed Peanuts, Coconut Flakes/Condensed Milk


Fountain Drinks*Please ask server for selection

Iced Tea*Fresh Brewed Jasmine or Green

Premium Loose Leaf Hot TeaVanilla Green | Jasmine | White Peach | Herbal PieWise Harmony Blend

Sweet Tea*Exotic Fruit Sweet Tea

Ginger AleHomemade!

Vietnamese CoffeeHot or Iced

CoffeeHot Cafe Du Monde

Coconut Juice

CoconutFresh Cracked!

Bottled Water

Juice BoxHomemade!

*Free Refills

Food Allergy Warning: Our food may contain peanut, dairy, egg or shellfish products. Please ask for a manager if you have any concerns.